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Disposable Mail

Disposable mail is created for advertising or informational purposes. Thousands of e-mails sent from sites every day are more than the total amount of incoming mails. Temporary Mail provides a quick and easy way to receive incoming mail anonymously. It is also an effective marketing tool for organizations and businesses.

Temporary Mail Address is a short-term or disposable mail service. It is designed to be opened and used only once.

Hundreds of millions of spam emails are sent every day. These mailers are typically commercial in nature and are designed for fast delivery to individual recipients. Temporary Email has many advantages over non-disposable emails.

Protects your own mail account that you have used against spam mails. When using disposable mail, important incoming mails must be stored.

Temporary E-Mail Addresses

You may have heard of the term Temporary mail. If you suspect an email address, this app is sure to help.

No more spam and marketing emails. To avoid spammers, bots, hackers and scammers, stay safe and stop using your real email address. Use a free, anonymous, temporary, disposable email instead. Keep your personal email inbox safe and clean.

Temporary email addresses for Gmail

Using AutoFill, you can fill in temporary email addresses into forms in apps or websites (when using a mobile browser). Using autofill requires you to enable accessibility settings on your phone. No information is collected apart from specifying form fields to allow automatic filling of temporary email addresses instead of opening our app and manually copying and pasting.

With 10 Minute Mail you have a temporary email address and all emails sent to that address will automatically appear on the web page. This way you can read your emails, click any link and even reply to your emails. With this service, your e-mail address will expire after 10 minutes.

Temporary Mail

You can receive mail with your anonymous e-mail account. A single email address can be used with many content in minutes. Tempmail is available as a Chrome extension, Android app, or iOS app.

Temporary email sorts are useful for the last reason. Websites and apps require an email address for registration. You can avoid being blocked by spam. It can be used as a backup for primary email and external services. It can also be accessed from any device. This makes it an excellent service for providing email services.

What does this website do?

You can create temporary email address with our website. If you don' want to give your real email address to another websites, you can use our website.

How many minutes can I use the email address?

Email addresses are creating as 10 minutes long. If you extend time before it expires or recreate with recovery key, you can use more time.

Are Email Addresses Unique?

Yes, every email address is unique. Nobody (except you) can use your email address.